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The European Battery Regulation and challenges for the value chain

Global battery demand is projected to grow by 25% annually to 2030, and the EU is expected to occupy a growing share of the global market, increasing from 17% to 26% by 2030. The corollary is the need for a much more strategic approach to the management of batteries and the associated flows of resources, in the EU and beyond. This will rely on a deeper understanding of the batteries’ lifecycle, from raw materials extraction to equipment assembly, to ultimate end-of-life management, as well as the environmental and social impacts of these.

This is the photograph that gives us back the Research “The European regulation on batteries and the challenges for the value chain” carried out for Erion Energy – the Consortium of the Erion System dedicated to the management of Waste Batteries and Accumulators – by Federico Magalini, Director Sustainability Services UK & Italy of the consulting firm dss +.

The Study, presented on the occasion of Ecomondo 2022, examines the context in which the new Regulation is introduced, analyzing the provisions that the various players in the battery supply chain must comply with.

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