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Erion is a multi-compliance non-profit System for the management of different types of waste: from electronic products to batteries, from packaging to tobacco products and textiles, with a solid heritage in terms of authoritativeness, efficiency and quality.

An innovative entity capable of seizing market opportunities by interconnecting the various actors in the chain and ensuring the highest standards of treatment, transparency, safety and operational efficiency in full compliance with environmental regulations, creating value for the benefit of stakeholders, society and the environment.

Erion is a non-profit organisation, created by Producers for the environment and the community for the purpose of ensuring:

Full compliance with environmental regulations.

Constant dialogue with all stakeholders involved.

The creation of efficient eco-innovation services.

The optimised and safe management of the collection, transport and treatment processes of WEEE (household and professional), WB, Packaging Waste and Textiles Waste. The prevention of littering of Tobacco Products Waste.

The Erion System’s structure is designed to effectively fulfil all obligations arising from the Extended Producer Responsibility.

Compliance Schemes

We have created Erion WEEE, Erion Professional, Erion Energy, Erion Packaging, Erion Care and Erion Textiles to place at the service of stakeholders four sector Compliance Schemes responsible for regulatory conformity services and the coordination of WEEE (domestic and professional), WB, Packaging Waste and Textile Waste management activities; as well as activities to prevent the littering of Waste of Tobacco Products in the environment.

The ECO company

The sector Compliance Schemes are supported by ECO (Erion Compliance Organization), the common platform responsible for providing them shared services, harmonising their respective operational strategies and coordinating the areas of communication, innovation and development, European projects, regulatory compliance and operations.

Waste management

The logistics and waste treatment operations managed by Erion Compliance Schemes are entrusted in accordance with the guidelines established by the Compliance Schemes themselves. Our system is able to ensure an excellent service for its Members in terms of quality, environmental protection and efficiency of the entire management process of the waste under its responsibility.

The system

The Erion System, certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, has already been chosen by over 2,500 Producers. Our Members include the largest and most innovative Producers of electrical and electronic equipment in the world, to whom we ensure a management model based on ethics, efficiency and transparency capable of generating economic and environmental value for the stakeholders, contributing to the improvement of the entire Italian WEEE, WB, Packaging, Tobacco Products and Textiles Products Waste sector.

Erion numbers

Erion ensures waste management and regulatory compliance to more than 2,500 Producers throughout the country.

Total waste managed in 2023

Tons of which:
Household WEEE
Professional WEEE
Waste Batteries
Waste Packaging
missions carried out
millions of euros of generated economic value

Our History

Erion Mission

The essence of the Erion mission is the goal of embodying the best system of Extended Producers Responsibility in terms of efficiency, quality, transparency and innovation. All values ​​that over time have inspired the work of Ecodom and Remedia, and that Erion makes its own in order to continue ensuring excellent management of WEEE, WB, Packaging Waste and Textile Waste; as well as activities to prevent the littering of Waste of Tobacco Products in the environment.

To achieve and maintain this goal, the Erion System:

Ensures its Members compliance in a virtuous, safe and convenient way with EU and national regulations on WEEE, WB, Packaging, Tobacco Products Waste and Textile Waste;

Promotes the environmental commitment of its Members towards the community, making concrete the corporate social and environmental responsibility issue, thanks to a wide range of services guaranteeing timeliness and quality in waste treatment;

Supports the European transition towards the circular economy both in terms of practical aspects, thanks to high recycling rates of secondary raw materials, and in terms of strategic developments, with studies and research on eco-innovations and organisation of awareness initiatives  aimed at consumers.

Safety and certifications

The Erion System aims daily at absolute excellence in the organisation and management of all its internal and external activities. The six sector Compliance Schemes constantly apply and improve operational protocols based on the highest safety standards and certified processes of quality and environmental management.

Organisational model

The operational core of the organisation is represented by Erion Compliance Organization (ECO), a consortium company jointly owned by Erion WEEE, Erion Professional, Erion EnergyErion Packaging, Erion Care and Erion Textiles.
ECO is structured in a general direction, ten operational teams and has a staff of about 60 people

The Network


The Erion System guarantees its associates the expertise and qualified professionalism to successfully address all issues relating to Extended Producer Responsibility.

Regulatory framework

The legislation governing the management of waste from electronic products has developed in the EU in the wake of policies aimed at ensuring the protection of the environment and human health and the preservation of natural resources.