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01 - Values
02 - Circular economy
03 - Green deal
04 - Our services
05 - Compliance Schemes

Quality, transparency, efficiency, innovation, social commitment.
Those are the values that make Erion one of the European leaders in the field of WEEE, WBA, Packaging and Waste of the tobacco products management.

Drawing from the considerable experience gained in over 12 years by Ecodom and Remedia, we strive to continue on the path of environmental excellence ensuring our Producers an even more comprehensive portfolio of services. The professional know-how, skills and best practices established over the years by our team and our logistics and processing partners make Erion a unique model of Extended Producer Responsibility. A model that ensures our Members full compliance with environmental regulations and enhances every day their commitment to sustainability.

Joining Erion means sharing with us the values ​​on which we base our work.

01 - Quality

In the Erion System, respect for the environment passes through meticulous attention to quality achieved on the ground. To meet this top priority, Erion has chosen Interzero Italy as its main contractor, a company specialised in the selection of the best partners, i.e. those operating according to certified logistics and treatment standards and able to ensure transport safety and high recycling rates and recovery of materials without dispersion of pollutants.

02 - Transparency

Producers who choose Erion know they can count on a policy of total transparency. Our Members and all our stakeholders have full access to all information regarding the system: from the financing model, to the amount of membership fees, to the management results and environmental performance achieved, published annually in specific Sustainability Reports.

03 - Efficiency

For Erion, being efficient means first of all guaranteeing the utmost punctuality in waste collection from all pick-up points throughout the country. Thanks to a service level with a reliability above 99%, our system helps to optimise the WEEE collection activity by municipalities and distributors, to the benefit of both citizens and consumers. However, efficiency also concerns the possibility of optimising management costs by relying on high economies of scale, to the benefit, in this case too, of the community.

04 - Innovation

Erion focuses on innovation in order to ensure an effective contribution to the circular economy. We work within international partnerships with research bodies, industrial enterprises and academic institutions, to develop European projects on specific issues such as the traceability of waste, eco-design of products and the industrial use of recycled plastic, with the goal of improving recycling practices and encourage a more efficient use of raw materials.

05 - Social commitment

Erion strongly believes in shared environmental responsibility and contributes, as a non-profit organisation, to the dissemination of a circular culture through information and awareness-raising initiatives and projects aimed at the community on waste recycling, sustainability and circular economy issues.

To this end, Erion has created a privileged channel of communication with citizens and consumers which also includes a dedicated website ( and social channels for the dissemination of best practices and values ​​such as sustainability and respect for the environment.

Erion, a team of experts
for the European Green Deal

The progressive European transition towards a circular economy, supported also by the recent Action Plan of the European Commission, requires Producers of EEE, Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging and tobacco products to develop, in compliance with the objectives of the European Green Deal, new management solutions for their waste that favour the reduction, recycling and recovery processes capable of limiting environmental impacts. Erion supports its Members in the design and implementation of operational projects in line with European environmental policies and the spirit of the Green Deal. This makes Erion a system in which the associated Producers can find all the answers to their waste management and circular economy needs addressed and resolved by the expertise of our team. Our multi-compliance system, which allows us to operate on different waste streams (WEEE, WBA, Packaging and Waste of the tobacco products), guarantees Producers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated services: regulatory compliance, help desk, consultancy, company waste management, administrative services on waste, support in innovation projects.

Our Services

Erion System relies on a team of qualified professionals able to provide full assistance to Producers on all services offered by our five Producer Responsibility Organisations.

Regulatory compliance

Erion is the reference contact for Producers to fulfil all legal requirements relating to WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging and tobacco products in a simple and safe way.

Regulatory and operational support

Erion ensures the support of a qualified team with a prompt and dedicated assistance for all legal and procedural requirements, thanks also to its broad portfolio of services.

Administrative services

Erion provides administrative services to assist the Producer in fulfilling all its obligations in order to comply with the WEEE, Waste Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging and tobacco products legislation.

Personalised services planning

Erion provides its Members with support that goes beyond compliance, which is why it offers personalized services aimed at developing sustainability projects as well as green management of company waste.

International assistance

Thanks to its collaboration with leading European partners, Erion is able to provide regulatory and technical assistance to all Producers operating in different countries.

Green communication projects

Erion supports its Members in the creation and development of communication and information initiatives and projects aimed at enhancing their environmental commitment.

Collaboration with Institutions

Erion collaborates with the relevant stakeholders and contributes to the implementation of initiatives for the improvement of Extended Producer Responsibility systems and the evolution of the reference legislation.

Projects and research on circular economy

Erion is constantly working on innovative projects which look to the future by investing in technological and organizational innovation, also through participation in European research projects.

Logistics and quality treatment

Erion guarantees expertise and professionalism to meet all the requirements relating to the Extended Producer Responsibility and avails itself of the services of an excellent partner for the operational phase of waste management.


Five Compliance Schemes,
a single System

The Erion System is made up of five sector Compliance Schemes that support Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Batteries and Accumulators, Packaging and tobacco products in every phase of the management of the waste generated by their products. Erion WEEE, Erion Professional, Erion Energy, Erion Packaging and Erion Care work in collaboration with Interzero Italy through a flexible and competitive relationship model.


It combines and builds on the excellence of Ecodom and Remedia in the management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


For Producers who place Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment on the market.


Ensures Producers the regulatory compliance relating to Waste from Batteries and Accumulators.


Comprehensive service for compliance with the requirements of national packaging regulations.


The first national collective Scheme dedicated to prevent the littering of tobacco products waste.