Erion presents its first Sustainability Report

Erion presents its first Sustainability Report, the one relating to 2020, a year characterized by great challenges that we had to adapt to very quickly as organization and as people.

In 2019 when we laid the foundations for a new shared path between Ecodom and Remedia and natural strategic evolution of the two Consortia for the environment, circular economyresearch and technological innovation, we could not have imagined that we were going to make this choice in such a difficult year, marked by a pandemic with health, economic, social and employment consequences on a global scale.

In such a difficult context, Erion has become a reality able to ensure Producers and consumers a service performed with the same care and environmental excellence of its two founding Consortia by managing a significant amount of waste: 302,266 tons, of which 262,351 tons of Household WEEE (71.7% of the entire Italian system). These figures (+5% on the total waste managed and +9.3% on Household WEEE respectively) are significantly higher than those achieved in 2019 by Ecodom and Remedia and which highlight the important synergies resulting from the merger and that required constant attention to maintaining high levels of performance.

It is on these bases that Erion is preparing to face the great challenge of the ecological transition in Italy: our goal is to continue contributing to this change, never failing to implement our commitment to transparency towards all our stakeholders.

A year ago we stated that “We are very lucky to do a job that, if done right, can do good to the world, and we repeat it today by bringing to your attention the data of our first Sustainability Report, proof that not only the work has been done right but that, together, we have done some good to the world.

And we are confident that the best is yet to come.


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