Comes to life Erion, the most important Italian Extended Producer Responsibility System

Created by the merger of Ecodom and Remedia, the new system of the electronic waste supply chain is made up of four sector Compliance Schemes and a common platform for the provision of services, the harmonization of strategies and the coordination of all company sectors.

On 1st October 2020, Erion, the most important Italian System of Extended Producer Responsibility for the management of e-waste, comes officially to life.


Over 2,400 associated producers

Presented last September 15th at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, Erion represents the fusion of the excellence of Ecodom and Remedia, two leading consortia of the Italian WEEE supply chain with over 2,400 member companies and a market share of over 70% of e-waste generated in Italy. Erion is a non-profit multi-system made up of four sector Compliance Schemes: Erion WEEE (for the management of household WEEE), Erion Professional (for professional WEEE), Erion Energy (for batteries and accumulators) and Erion Packaging (for packaging waste). Four innovative realities included in Erion Compliance Organization (ECO), the common platform created to provide shared services, harmonize the respective operational strategies and coordinate the communication, innovation and development, European projects, regulatory compliance and operations sectors. The waste collection, transport and treatment operations managed by Erion Compliance Schemes are entrusted to TSR company, a leader in the supply chain and able to ensure its members an excellent service in terms of quality and environmental efficiency.


Erion numbers

Erion comes to life for the will of Ecodom and Remedia to combine their strengths and experience in the electronic waste sector in a single entity able of guaranteeing more than regulatory compliance to associated producers. Erion is a large company that looks to the future and envisages its developments with a constant commitment to raising awareness of circular economy good practices; to dialogue with institutions and stakeholders to encourage the growth of the sector; to support companies with research projects designed to develop innovative and circular solutions for business models, production processes and sustainable product design. We do this for the protection of the environment, human health and the planet’s natural resources with excellent results, which we wish to further improve. In 2019, we handled 240 thousand tons of household WEEE from which we recycled 122,026 tons of iron equal to 16 Eiffel Towers, 31,718 t. of plastic equal to 12,687,200 garden chairs, 4,767 t. aluminum equal to 5,621,462 coffee machines (moka pots), 6,804 t. of copper equal to 74 Statues of Liberty, 19,015 t. of cement and 25,396 t. of glass. Our work also made possible to save 354.7 million kWh of electricity (equal to the annual electricity consumption of a city of over 320 thousand inhabitants) and avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of 1,476,031 tons of CO2 (which is equivalent to zeroing the emissions generated by the vehicles in the province of Milan for a period of 54 days).