Technological innovation


Apulia, in Italy, and Extremadura, in Spain, are regions characterized by intensive installation of photovoltaic panels. And in these areas, where a large amount of photovoltaic waste will be generated in the next 15 years (~300k tons in Apulia and ~380k tons in Extremadura), still there are no plants to recycle the panels. PARSIVAL, a project funded by EIT Raw Materials, addresses this challenge by promoting the creation of a circular PV value chain in these regions.

During the project, new technologies will be developed for both the reuse, after their reconditioning, of low-efficiency PV panels and the recycling of end-of-life PV panels. The proposed technology will focus on the recycling of all valuable materials contained in photovoltaic panels (aluminium, glass, copper, silver, silicon photovoltaic cells); the project will also aim to the study of the end market where to reuse and value the recovered materials. Specifically, there are three applications that will be analysed: batteries, ferroalloys and photovoltaic cells. Finally, the project will assess the feasibility, in the areas under consideration, of constructing a photovoltaic panel reconditioning and recycling plant and will contribute to the creation of a network of professionals in the sector.

Erion will mainly study the quality and quantity of available end-of-life PV panels and make forecasts for future trends; it will also study, with industrial players, the feasibility of proposed innovations. It will also contribute in building a solid network that can support the creation of businesses related to PV panel recycling in the Puglia region.


Duration: 2023-2024

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