Technological innovation


The Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), fundamental component for the functioning of the majority of electrical and electronic devices of common use, once they become waste, represent a strategic source of recoverable critical materials, precious metals and plastics. Indeed, PCBs principally consist of copper, gold, silver, and epoxy, which is not recovered so far.

RENEW (Re-cycling of Epoxies and metals from Non-ferrous E-Waste) project, funded by EIT RawMaterials, aims to validate technological solutions able, in the pre-treatment phase, to separate the epoxy and flame retardants from PCBs, leading to an improvement in the recycling system of the metal components at smelters, to the valorisation of the plastic part and to the reduction of polluting emissions.

Objective of RENEW project is also to boost the collection of small WEEE. Therefore, ERION will create an eco-point, an innovative collection point open to citizens and dedicated to the collection of small WEEE, such as smartphones and laptop, in which PCBs are contained. Additionally at the eco-point communication and educational activities will be carried out for the promotion of the sustainability culture.

Moreover, ERION will support project’s partners in the supply of Printed Circuit Board that will be used for experimental activities, develop eco-design guidelines addressed to manufacturers and manage communication and dissemination activities related to the project.



Duration: 2022-2024