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WEEE, circular economy, climate change

WEEE, circular economy, climate change… These are all words that people in the industry are very familiar with. But what is the real perception that people, in everyday life, have of all this?

A research carried out by IPSOS for Erion shows that 1 Italian out of 2 does not know the word WEEE and 2 out of 3 do not know how to behave sustainably.

Only 36% use pickup and disposal services and 55% do not know about 1-for-0 take back.

Interviewees also fear climate change and blame governments for lack of action (56%).

This is what emerges from the research “WEEE, Circular Economy and Climate Change. A survey of the levels of knowledge of citizens, their opinions and behaviors” carried out by Ipsos on behalf of Erion on a sample of 1000 Italian citizens (aged 18 to 75 years) through the CAWI methodology, Computer Assisted Web Interview.


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