Technological innovation


In 2015, within the Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Commission has set a challenging target: by 2025, at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics have to be used as raw material in the production of new products sold on the EU markets. The insufficient collection rate and the scarcity of trust in the use of recycled plastics from manufacturers and from the general public are some of the causes that slow down the uptake of recycled plastic materials in the EU market (in 2016, almost 4 million tonnes of plastics have been recycled and reintroduced in new products).


The INCREACE project aims to plead the cause proposing innovative and interdisciplinary solutions that are of interests for the entire plastics recycling value chain. Project partners will develop new data-driven sorting solutions, combine different technologies (chemical and mechanical recycling) to increase the recycling yield and the quality of recycled materials. Moreover, new digital verification methods (blockchain) will be developed in order increase the transparency throughout the entire value chain thus the trust of manufacturers towards the use of recyclates. Partners will proof the concepts testing them in the development of five specific business cases (among which the application of recycled plastics in medical appliances and in food-contact components).


ERION will actively contribute to the project helping in the definition and testing of procedures for material sourcing and sorting and cooperating in the development and standardisation of methods for the traceability of Plastic Recycled Content in final products.


In addition, ERION will work side by side with project partners to design effective collection solutions.



Duration: 2022-2026

Supported by:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101058487