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One of the strategies adopted by the European Union to tackle the climate change and abandon of fossil fuels is the use of electric vehicles. Their environmental footprint, though, is still high due to the presence of the Lithium-Ion batteries.

Today, based on the European study “Battery Strategic Research Agenda”, less than 5% of the materials contained in the batteries is recycled. Moreover, the pyrometallurgical or hydrometallurgical process used in the recycling phase of batteries are energy-intensive and/or produce big amount of residues.

In this framework, there’s FREE4LIB, a project funded by the European Programme Horizon Europe. The objective is the design, development and validation of innovative process for the recovery of raw materials from Lithium-Ion batteries. In the project, partners will study the integration of new technologies with already existent ones to minimize the environmental impact of the recycling processes.

ERION ENERGY will contribute to the study and analysis of the current value chain, considering the evolution of the sector in the short-medium term. ERION ENERGY will give the information necessary for the development of recycling processes and reuse of the materials and will investigate the best practices regarding packaging, safety and transport of batteries. In addition, ERION ENERGY will cooperate to the proposal of processes for the optimization of disassembly of batteries to promote battery re-use and second life. It will be a task for ERION ENERGY to collect and send partners the batteries that will be used in their project studies.

ERION ENERGY will also take care of the communication and dissemination activities sharing the project results to its stakeholder network.


Duration: 2022-2026


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101069890